David Clément-Bayard

I have dreamt SIDDHARTHA THE MUSICAL as an invitation to take off our « masks »
In order to become who we really are…

David Clément-Bayard

David Clément-Bayard has grown up with music since his early age. Hearing « Starmania » the musical for the first time was a revelation for him, as the possibility to put existential questions into songs.

Experiencing the quest of meaning combined with great melodies will put a definite creative footprint in his life. He starts learning the guitar at 13 and studies at ATLA Music School in Paris. He works with songwriters, composes corporate video music and writes or arranges music for many artists.

Though for more than 10 years, one dream will continuously follow him, as an inspiration from his youthful passions : creating a rock opera about Buddha’s incredible life. This show is born out of a long process, where song after song, he is giving birth to an entire story.

But for more than ten years, a dream, inspired by his first loves, will haunt him continuously: to write a rock opera on the incredible life of Buddha. This show will be the fruit of a long maturation during which song after song, he will give birth to a story.